Reviews of “In a Wolf’s Eyes”

Following are the reviews “In a Wolf’s Eyes” has received, at least those listed on Amazon. In time I may include those on Barnes and Noble. I have others on Apple iBooks, Sony Reader and other places, but I may not list them here. I’ve included dates and authors.

I loved this book, it engrossed me right from the beginning and didn’t really let up until I was able to read the last words on the page. This story is a great work of High Fantasy, with a rich and enveloping world that would rival any that I know of in depth and grandeur. There seem to only be humans in this world, but the different nations and cultures present make it seem as if each nation is a different race of beings, and that adds even more to the story. The author alternates POV between the two main characters, and I believe does so very well, even though the book is written in first person. I think this adds to the book because you will get to see/read the thoughts of the two main characters as they go through each event. She also goes back in time in order to explain what is going on with both characters during a given time frame, which is important for me so that I can find out what is going on and how each event in the novel has a relation to both stories. They do eventually meet and travel together, and it is then that many secrets are revealed, and many bonds are formed.
I really enjoyed reading this book, and whenever I felt that a little back story would be good to have the author had one within one to two pages that allowed me to understand the scene that was occurring. I found that the story flowed naturally and well from one scene to another, and this is accomplished by the use of flashbacks as well as some rather comedic moments of the book, that had me laughing many times. These moments are what make this book so hard to put down, even though there are times when I just wanted to put the book down because I was upset that something had happened or that I thought something was going to happen. And on that note, this book was not very predictable, I found myself wrong about a lot of the predictions that I was making and that kept me interested in the book also, because most things that I was wrong about turned out to be better than what I had expected to happen.
I think the language and details of the scenes are appropriate for this book and an adult audience. There are not many instances of swearing or other foul language but when they are present they are done in a very tasteful manner. As for the battle scenes, they are well done also. The actions flows very well from one encounter to another and gives you the feeling that it is a fluid battle instead of a choppy and forced one. The details given of the battles are also well done, giving the reader enough information to know what is going on while not giving so much grotesque details to make a reader shy away. As for other adult scenes, there are not that many, actually there are only lead up scenes, and never any actual actions are taken. This is good because I don’t think this book would have worked with adult scenes in it, the next story I am not sure as much but this book had the feeling of a getting to know the world and characters, and in the next book we would be able to see the personal lives and interactions of the characters in greater detail.
As for the characters, I absolutely loved Wolf, he reminded me so much of myself, that I was able to put myself into his shoes for much of the book. Granted he is much more imposing than I am, but I felt that the cunning and intelligence that he showed were similar to qualities that I posses, only he possesses them on a much greater scale. I found that many of the questions I had at the beginning about him were answered by the end of the story, but I was still left with the hunger for more about him.
For the Character that I hated, definitely Brutal, but as he is the main villain I find that I am supposed to hate him, and that makes it even easier to hate him honestly. As a villain he is very good at what he does, even though I don’t like or agree with what he does, but that is how a villain is supposed to act. He is also a great foil for Wolf as they are the complete opposites of each other and the reader can see how they may have been able to be a lot more alike had their upbringings been different.
All in all I greatly enjoyed this book, and I honestly cannot wait to read the next book in the series as the ending has be greatly intrigued, but to find out why you will just have to read the novel yourself. I would like to thank Mrs. Ross for allowing me to read and review this book and I hope you all will read this book and enjoy it as much as I have. – Michael, May 20, 2012

I know you are told not to judge a book by its cover, but how could I not. The artwork alone literally caught my attention. The book looked interesting. This led me to be curious about the storyline. I felt pulled into the author’s world from page one. She makes you feel like you are right there as an observer. You find the main characters likable from the start. Even the minor characters you find along the way can touch your heart. I’ve read books where there are too many characters being introduced and too many storylines crisscrossing; it became frustating to finish that kind of book. You’ll find the author of this book has nice transitions from one chapter to another. It was easy to follow the two main storylines created in this book; and how they eventually entwine. She writes descriptively which keeps your interest from waning. You can connect with any of the characters, but I wanted to be Ly’Tana’s friend and ally. Just when I thought the adventure was over and Ly’Tana would head for her homeland; the author reminds you that someone is still in need of rescuing. This book is full of action. You can’t wait to learn what’s going to happen next. I could summarize what I have read, but I rather the reader experience this book for themselves. I will; however, add this; you learn right away why a character is nicknamed “Brutal”. I absolutely enjoyed this book; and look forward to reading more from this author. I highly recommend you add this book to your collection. – S.A. Roth, may 20, 2012

The Wolf is a gladiator of Khalid with a ten year reign. Sold into slavery when he was nine when his family was killed he’s survived by his wits and his fighting skills. He’s killed more men in the arena than he can clearly recall, but he still lives by his own code of honor. When he’s mortally injured in one fight he is ready to die. However, on his way back to his cell an unlikely ally shows himself. Rygel is a powerful magician and the pet torturer for Crown Prince Broughton, a Prince nicknamed Brutal for his insane savagery. Rygel heals Wolf for reasons of his own and Wolf allows him because while his sister is out there somewhere as someone’s slave he needs to stay alive for her.
Ly’Tana is the only daughter of the King of Hel’Halla and he has sent her to Khalid to wed Broughton in order to stop the constant warring of the two kingdoms. However, he has no idea what kind of man he has sent his daughter to and when Brutal shows his true colors, Ly’Tana and her warriors need to escape and hightail it home. An impossible task until the palace breaks out in an uproar caused by the High King being murdered and Brutal savagely beaten, the accidental handiwork of Wolf and Rygel.
While Wolf and Rygel are fleeing what they did, Ly’Tana and her warriors use the uprising in the palace to get to their horses. Brutal’s younger brothers use the opportunity to try for a takeover, but somehow Brutal’s army manages to quell the uprising, killing two of his brothers and their armies while four of his brothers and their armies flee. Will Wolf, Rygel, Ly’Tanna and her warriors make it out of the city? Will Brutal find them and make them pay? What about Wolf’s sister? The odds sure don’t look good.
I love this story! It is well-written with a great plot, wonderful world and well-developed characters, main and secondary. Lots of action and I love the interaction between the characters. Brutal is a deliciously villainous villain. Wow. What a horror that guy is. He made my blood run cold. I was enthralled with this story from beginning to end. And can I say how much I love Wolf? I want him for myself though I’m sure my husband would object.
My only complaint is the gigundous cliffhanger at the end. GAH! Personally, I feel the ending should have come just a tad sooner leaving the full final scene for the opening of the next book, but since I don’t know how the next book is going to play out I’ll reserve final judgment. Speaking of which…when IS the next book coming out?! *dances from foot-to-foot impatiently*
*Many thanks to Untreed Reads for providing me with a review copy. Please see disclaimer page on my blog. – A Voracious Reader, February 27, 2013

If you like a tale of gruesome fantasy mixed with a love story, then this is a book you will want to read. It enthralls you from the beginning and really doesn’t let you go until the end. Moving constantly, sometimes slowly, but definitely descriptive to keep your imagination going as if you were there in the midst of it all. Adventure with the three unlikely companions on their quest for their freedom from a sadistic predator.
-Vanessa Goddard, March 14, 2013
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