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Hello and welcome to my blog! In here you’ll find a variety of topics I’ll be writing about from my current writing project, excerpts from my novel. “In a Wolf’s Eyes”, and blog about items I find interesting enough to pass on to my readers. I’ll offer to review books for other authors and allow authors to guest blog here. Please bear with me as this is a brand new site and I’m a newbie to blogging. I aim to blog approximately three to four days a week, but as I work a full time job, have a novel and other projects to work on and various needy critters under my care I may slack once in a while. Thank you for visiting my site! I hope you’ll find it interesting enough to return. Please feel free to leave comments and if you like my site then “like” it!


I’m A. Katie Rose, author of “In a Wolf’s Eyes”, my debut epic fantasy novel. Though I currently live in South Central Texas, my heart resides in my native Colorado. I went to college in Gunnison, Colorado and received my Bachelor of Arts degree there. A few of my hobbies include learning from horses and cat rescuing. Please don’t point me in the direction of a homeless cat – I have far too many as it is! I have a passion for writing, and I do a decent job of it. My publisher and fans seem to agree. I regret to say, however, I can’t quit my day job yet. That makes my boss happy, but I’d love to divorce him. Josh, consider yourself on notice.

Anyway, I work as a photographer and write in my evenings. I’m learning to blog, so check out my blog if you get a chance. Outside of working, writing, horses and cats, I do enjoy hiking, reading, movies. It doesn’t get much better than lying on the couch with a good movie, glass of wine, a fire in the fireplace and two or three cats snoozing on me. Yeah, I know – it doesn’t get very cold down here so those instances are rare.

Pleasure to meet y’all (like my Texas accent?), and please visit me on the apps and be sure to send me tons of compliments and likes. There are a few links to my book I’ve included, so click on them and check it out for yourself.


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